Reactivating your short-term rental property – what you need to know

June 16, 2022 – 6 minute read – by Harriet Cotton

As highlighted in our ‘Reactivating Short Term Rentals’ blog, there is more to re-listing your property then just flicking a switch and turning it back on. 

We’ve devised the below ‘Reactivation Checklist’ to help guide you through and make sure you are set up for success!  

short term rentals reactivation
As you can see, there is certainly a lot to consider when reactivating your property for rental.

Working coherently with your agency will help ensure this process happens smoothly and effectively. Be prepared for it to take a bit of time – it is best to give your property manager as much notice as possible so that they can deliver with time on their side vs. a manic rush for both you and them at the last minute.  

If you aren’t using an agency but have now realized the amount of work involved, we recommend seriously considering it in either a full management or booking agent capacity to help ease the workload. The point of reactivation is a great time to consider your options. Check out our blogs on the benefits partnering with an agency on a booking agent agreement and the advantages a property manager can offer an individual owner.  

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