Trust is new currency

Why Trust is the New Currency in Travel & Tourism

In the ever-evolving travel industry, consumer trust has emerged as a pivotal currency, more potent and valuable than ever before. This is not a hyperbolic statement but one that’s backed by compelling data from sources like Expedia and VRBO, which reveal a landscape where the power of reviews is monumental.

Instant Booking Short Term Rentals – An Owner’s Guide

Instant bookings offer many benefits for owners, investors and guests wanting to lock in short-term rental accommodation. This is everything owners need to know if they are considering using instant booking platforms to maximise their occupancy and revenue from short term rentals.

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Why Investors Should Avoid Direct Tenant Contact.

The value of professional intermediaries is frequently underestimated, yet their worth can be immense. Why should you use your property manager to interact with your tenant?

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Laws & Regulations For Rental Bidding 

NSW Fair Trading has continued to introduce new laws and regulations to protect tenants. In this article, we briefly outline the new rules, guidelines as well as penalties for engaging in rental bidding.

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Airbnb – Instant Booking for Short-Term Rentals in Sydney: Pros & Cons.

As a property owner with a short-term rental, you want to ensure that you secure as many bookings as possible. One way to increase your conversion rate is to use Airbnb’s Instant Booking feature. However, before deciding if this is right for you and your property, it’s essential to understand the pros and cons of this tool.

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8 Benefits of Booking Direct

There are several smart reasons to avoid booking through portals or channels like Airbnb VRBO and Here are 5X good reasons to arrange accommodation directly for your next trip.