rental opportunities for home owners

Rental Opportunities for Homeowners

Current rental & accommodation briefs we are working on.

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These are unique opportunities where inventory is not available to fulfil the property rental requests.
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Long-Term Lease | Property Brief

UK Family in Manly looking for a lease

Dates: Jul/Aug 2024

Duration: 12 Months

Budget: $200,000

Location: Manly Area

Requirements:  furnished, 4+ bedrooms, pet-friendly.

Executive Leasing | Property Brief

Family of 3 w/ small dog

Date: Mar/Apr 2024

Duration: 6 Months

Budget: Up to $132,000

Location: Mosman only.

Requirements:  Furnished, 4+ bedrooms, pool, in Mosman.

Long-term Lease | Property Brief

Local family renovating

Dates: Start late May/early June

Duration: 18 months

Total Budget: $235,000

Location: Mosman & surroundings

Requirements:  un/furnished, 4+ bedroom family home.

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Rental Opportunities for Homeowners

People often ask, “Who do you have on your books?” The reality is there are dozens of enquiries that we are working on at any given time. We naturally give preference and advocacy to the owners/investors we are already working with. However, often we do not have the specific inventory that particular individuals are looking for. Our executive guests/tenants have discerning tastes and have frankly earned the right to be selective in rental choices. They also often have unique requirements. Here, you will find a handful of the current guest/tenant briefs we are working on. If any of these interest you or you have specific requirements yourself, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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