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Going Keyless: A guide for our owners

March 2, 2018 – 5 minute read – by Harriet Cotton

We all know the world is changing fast. Innovation and disruption are the new norms and it is affecting every industry from automotive to banking, and real estate is not missing out.  As Sydney’s most flexible residential rental agency Property Providers™ are keen adopters of new technology and are continually searching for more effective and efficient ways of working. We encourage the use of technology that benefits our owners, guests, tenants, trades and staff.

One area in which innovation is accelerating is property access and keyless rental entry. Traditional keys are quickly becoming redundant and are being replaced with smarter, faster and frankly better access solutions. Enter keyless entry! Going keyless is not only “trendy” but it is quickly becoming the new norm, replacing metal cut keys with code entry devices.

Keyless entry benefits guests, owners and agencies to deliver a better experience

So what is the benefit to you, our owners, of keyless entry?

  • It makes your life easier: We have found that owners who have installed keyless entry find multiple uses for it such as providing easy access to trades, nannies/babysitters and kids coming home from school without misplacing their keys!
  • Faster: It is much quicker to organize general logistics (i.e. you don’t have to be there and don’t have to interrupt your life to let people in).
  • Lower Costs: When trades have to pick up keys for your property from our office they add this time to their costs.  Or we charge you if we are required to meet them there. Keyless entry solves this problem instantly and therefore saves you money.  It also assists us in keeping our property management commission as low as possible.  As we like to say “Time is Currency”.
  • Tracking: Depending on what type of keyless entry you decide to install, you could be able to track when people are coming and going.  It is possible to allocate different codes to different people.
  • Increased Security: There is an argument that keyless entry systems are more secure because the locks are far more difficult to pick. It is a best practice that locks are changed every 4 tenancies for security. Keyless entry makes this simple and easy to manage…and no trips to the locksmith!
  • Owner Testimonial: “Keyless access to our home has fundamentally revolutionised our lives. Not only do we not have to carry round keys, but we can now provide access to friends, relatives, cleaners or trade folk without having to be there to let them in. All the numbers are re-programmable so there is no security risk as we can delete an access code at will.”

So how does this help us, your property managers, look after your property better?

  • It makes us more agile: Keyless entry to your property can increase our responsiveness, allowing us to get things fixed faster (which can decrease cost) and keeps our trades happy!
  • It makes checking up on your property easier: If we are in the area of your property and it has keyless entry then we can easily pop in and check up on it without having to plan to do so. On-the-spot inspections mean that you know your property is being looked after to the best of our ability.
  • It can proactively eliminate problems. Keys can be very fickle and if they are not cut perfectly, can cause serious issues with guests being locked out or us not being able to access the property for cleaning or checking. No one wants the 10 pm locksmith to call out when a guest arrives late and can’t get in.

So, why do guests and tenants like it?

  • Enhanced Convenience: It saves guests and tenants time and energy by not having to come to our office to collect keys. This has been shown to increase positive guest reviews in short-term stays which can get more bookings!
  • No Lost Keys: It takes away the pressure on the guests not to lose keys and ensures that they can’t! Traditional keys get lost often which is a security risk as well as an unwanted expense.
  • Keys that don’t work: There is no risk of guests arriving at a property after collecting keys and then not working. It saves the aggravation and negative experience of this situation! With keyless systems gaining access to a property is a certainty as long as the password is correct.

So, I’m interested but I have some questions…

  • Can I choose what I put on my door? You can, there are a range of different products that you can choose from that have different esthetics and functionality.  It’s your property, we want it to work well and look great too.
  • What happens if the battery dies? Most electronic keyless entry systems have a manual key element as well or they have a manual punch code. We recommend keeping it simple and avoiding complicated systems. There is also a range of non-electronic options to choose from.
  • What if I don’t want to install this on my front door? There are some different ways we can install keyless entries.  One common solution is to install a small keyless entry case (i.e. commonly known as a mini garage) on a wall near the front door that can securely hold keys.  We do recommend permanently installed models though as they are less problematic.
  • Can I still use the keys? Depending on the model that you select.  Most systems have a key backup should the code system not function properly.  Alternatively, we can install keyless on a secondary door vs. the front door.
  • Can I change the code? Many owners have systems that host a few different codes so they can distribute to guests, trades family etc.  If you change the code, you do have to inform us though so we don’t have problems on our side.  We recommend changing the code regularly.
  • What happens if I choose not to install it? If you would prefer not to take advantage of the benefits of keyless entry, please understand that this increases the labour associated with managing your property (particularly for short-term rental).  As such there will be a 1% increase to the property management commission charged on your property.
  • How much does it cost? It depends on what solution you choose as well as the door itself. Estimates range from $250 to $600 and are of course tax deductible.
  • I want to find out more. Check out the Keyless Entry Models Link

So, I want to install keyless entry, what’s next?

We want to encourage our owners to adopt this new technology and way of access and have therefore partnered with a couple of local locksmiths who offer a range of keyless entry options.  They can offer Property Provider’s clients trade rates for the installation of keyless entry.  

Here are the three different products on offer:

Manual Code Punch – Approx $125

Digital code punch – Approx $250

Smart phone operated lock – Approx $500

After choosing which entry device you would like to use, the next step is easy. Simply call us to get the name and number of our recommended locksmiths and book a time with them to come out and install. Please advise them that we have referred you to get our trade rates/discounts. We look forward to accessing your property “key-free” soon!


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