Case Studies

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Case Study: The Crumbs vs The Whole Cake – More than just a granny flat..

It is clear that through this opportunity Property Providers has been able to execute our company goal of being ‘Sydney’s most flexible rental agency’. Our client was able to maximise the income of his primary residence while keeping it fully furnished and being able to use it himself whenever desired.

Case Study for Renting Out

Case Study: Renting Out Your Property While Applying For A DA

Kathy had acquired a property behind the beach in Manly, NSW. She was local to the area, and before moving in, she wanted to update it to be the family home of her dreams. This meant hiring an architect and putting in a development application, which was very exciting, but we all know that council planners and neighbours can change their minds at any time.

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Case Study: Dreams become reality.

They wanted flexibility to accommodate their lifestyle of travelling to and from Sydney while still being able to utilise the idle capacity of the home when it was empty. Enter, Short Term Rentals – the perfect solution for them. It allows Daniel and his family to use the property themselves at any given time during the year, whilst making a revenue while it’s empty. The ultimate dream!

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Case Study: Long settlement nightmare turned dreamy!

While all other pedestrian agencies would not touch the property as it had a limited period of availability, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to bring the property on and optimize the summer period over the 5 months the property had available.