Benefits of Booking Direct 

Booking Direct – What’s in it for you? 

December 29, 2022 – 5 minute read

If you’re planning a trip to Sydney, chances are you’ve already done some research on where to stay. There are countless options available from five-star hotels to Airbnbs. But one option that you might not be aware of is booking a Luxury Holiday Rental or Executive Stay. You can now source a handpicked property and should seriously consider booking direct with a professional manager. Let’s look at the benefits you are leaving behind when you book a third party.

Benefits of Booking Direct 

Save Money

Save Money

It should be said this isn’t always the case, but when you book accommodation directly with a property manager, you usually get the best price. This is because the OTA’s (or Online Travel Agents like Airbnb and put a percentage margin on the rate. After all, they need to make money somehow. You may also get access to exclusive deals, rate tweaking or upgrades that just aren’t available through booking sites. The best or most personalized deals come with properties that have professional managers on their websites. As a result, these properties or property managers may be able to offer lower rates and better more tailored options. This may not be a big deal on a $2000 weekend away, but if you need temporary accommodation for a few weeks or a luxury holiday home, these additional markups can add up to thousands of dollars.

Special or “Not for The General Public” Access

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Many owners do not want (or need) to have their property plastered all over the internet.  In fact, it may come as a surprise that many owners limit the distribution of their property as they only want to attract discerning and selective guests.  It’s not always about the money… often the quality of the guest is actually more important to the owner. Often these are the best properties in a manager’s portfolio.  This is so common that Property Providers have custom-built a “By Invitation Only Portfolio” on their website which actually requires a personal phone call and a dedicated password to access these special properties. Here you can find all the other vantage points in town.


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When you search for properties on a third-party website, there may be a delay between the time you submit your enquiry and when the manager receives it. This can sometimes be the case with portals like Expedia and HomeAway which may block enquiries to protect personal information like email addresses and phone numbers to secure a commission. If you want a quick response, a good strategy is to search for the name of the property on Google and try to find a source that is directly connected to the manager or owner. This can help you bypass any restrictions and get in touch with the decision-maker more efficiently. Keep in mind that both independent property managers and owners often prefer to communicate directly with interested parties, so reaching out directly may be the most efficient way to get the information you need.

Better Service 

Better Service 

Booking direct also means that you get more personalised service from the staff at your chosen property. Since they don’t have to manage multiple accounts or platforms, they can focus on providing the best possible experience for their guests. Firstly, they know their property and locations inside and out and can offer layers of answers that Airbnb just can’t. If you have unique needs and interests, booking direct is the only way to go. This includes benefits like faster troubleshooting, accessibility to hospitals and transit, picking quiet neighbourhoods, avoiding construction, offering tips and advice on things to do in the city, and sometimes even providing concierge-like communication. Here you can find all the other vantage points in town.

Better Economic Impact

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Booking directly helps keep money local and when profits stay local, they create a ripple effect within our communities. This is the case worldwide. In most cases, local profits are reinvested back into the business, improving operations and service standards, and employing more people, which ultimately enhances your experience. When you book through a portal or big brand, the funds are often funnelled all over the globe (and let’s be honest, often through tax havens that don’t benefit anyone except the big conglomerates).

More Flexibility

When you book accommodation directly in Sydney, you often have more flexibility when it comes to check-in and check-out times, as well as any other requests you may have for your stay. Third-party sites usually have strict rules about when check-in/check-out times need to be met and what requests can be accommodated. However, when you book directly with a property, there is often more leeway for customization of your stay.

It’s Safer 

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Let’s be honest – cyberspace can be a scary place. As professional property managers, we hear firsthand about people getting ripped off all the time. When you book directly with a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Sydney you are protected by the requirement of your money being held securely in an independently Audited Trust Account. You will also be protected by the Short-Term Rental Code of Conduct which is a newly introduced regulatory framework designed to protect and respect all parties involved. There are many scammers out there that hide behind the veil of the internet. When you book directly, you have a greater opportunity to evaluate the hosts’ appropriateness to serve you the way you would expect. We can all agree that sometimes… it just doesn’t feel right. And when something does go wrong like the construction site next door, or when a property gets sold and your booking gets cancelled, a good property manager is in a far better position to help you with an alternative property versus leaving you in a stressful tough spot. 

Better Properties Deliver Better Experiences

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When you book directly with an experienced host or property manager, you are likely to be able to choose a better property. Good managers have professional pride that is reflected in the quality of the properties they offer. After managing thousands of guests across hundreds of homes, Property Providers understands that quality is crucial. We reject about half of the properties that we are asked to list. Our view is that a better property almost always comes with a better owner, and ultimately, better guests. It’s a win-win formula.

The key components that lead to Direct Booking.

The key components that lead to Direct Booking.

A few final thoughts on booking direct in Sydney

For travellers looking for an unforgettable experience in Sydney without breaking the bank, booking direct accommodation is the way to go. Not only will you have access to real benefits that are unavailable elsewhere, but you’ll also receive personalized service from staff who know the city inside out. Plus, they will be more flexible when it comes to your needs during your stay, allowing you to customize your stay exactly how you want it.

If you want an amazing trip without the hassle of dealing with third-party sites, booking direct accommodation in Sydney is worth considering!

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