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Periodic Inspections

Routine Inspections Made Easy: We offer a practical and hassle-free way of doing it.

Conducting a DIY routine inspection of your rental property will enable us to compile a formal routine inspection report to send to the property owner without inconvenience to you.

Proactively Maintain
& Enhance the Property

What you need to know


The form will take about 10-15 minutes to complete depending on the size of your rental property. You can take a break, but we do recommend getting it done all in one go.


You can complete this easily on any device however we recommend your your phone or tablet as it is easier to upload images on the spot.

Step By Step

The process will take you through each room and ask you to take 2 images per room – You can take the images on the go while using the form.

Your Details

It will ask for your details (name, property address, email and phone number). These are required fields so we can effectively identify you and the associated property.

How to Run Your Routine Inspection

Manage Your Routine Inspection With No Dramas

Let’s work together to minimize inconvenience and disruption.
Regular routine inspections make better bond returns and rewarding future references.

image icon Image Sizes & Video

There is an image size restriction that we cannot avoid/fix, so please upload small images if you can.

For things that need a bit more explanation you can also upload a short video.

megaphone icon Watch-Out

Please be advised that if you receive a call on your mobile while you are conducting this we recommend that you do not pick up the call as this may delete the work that you have done.

user icon Owner Engagement

Once completed this will be formatted and sent to the owner for their reference and to gain their feedback/approval on actioning repairs.

Owners are far more receptive to approving lease extensions when they know they have good tenants in their properties. It is certainly in your best interest to demonstrate to them that you are caring for their property.


messenger icon Private

“I have always felt weird about Property Managers coming into my home when I have rented. It is nice to be given the option of having some privacy.”

Mosman – Tenant – 5 bedroom home

messenger icon Easy to Use

“It was really easy to use on the phone. Especially helpful being able to take the photos and upload immediately. I had no problems with it.”

Chatswood – Tenant – 5 bedroom home

contact form icon Fast to Finish

Quick and easy, with no appointments. Routine Inspections made easy for you.

Have Your Say & Get Faster Fixes

By working together, we are in a far better position to get things fixed faster and more efficiently for everyone.

magic wand icon Maintenance Requests

If you need to inform us of a larger maintenance request then please do so via our portal.

Please note, however, that we still do need you to complete this routine inspection.

clock icon Due Date

We require this to be completed by a due date.

Please be advised that if this is not done by this date, a team member will visit the property in person to fulfill this requirement.

messenger icon Comments/Feedback

There is a spot to put comments for each room – here you can highlight any maintenance or things of note.

Routine inspections are important as they provide you the opportunity to highlight any repair and maintenance that you feel are required, and for us to address any concerns you may have about the property.

What Routine Inspection works best for you?

Tenant DIY

You Control Your Time.
Practical & Hassle-free.

Video Tour

Scheduled & Recorded


Set Time & In Person

image of repair tools

Repairs & Maintenance

If something’s not right, let’s get it fixed up.

Although we have a proactive property maintenance program,
it is understandable that sometimes unforeseen things happen and repairs are required.

The fastest way to get things fixed is to provide the property owner
and tradesperson as much information as possible.

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