Periodic Inspections

Landlords have a legal right to check their rental property while they are being occupied by tenants.

This can be done by providing reasonable written notice to the tenant of the date and time of these inspections.

Routine inspections also give the tenant the opportunity to raise any issues within the property for the owner to consider.

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Proactively Maintain & Enhance the Property

Periodic inspections are needed to...

  • Help tenants live better.
  • Save money by addressing issues right away.
  • Identify maintenance & repairs that are needed.
  • Confirm all are complying with the terms of lease.
  • Preserve and increase the value of the property.
  • Ensure safety & compliance (e.g. fire alarms, swimming pools).

What Routine Inspection works best for you?

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Repairs & Maintenance

If something's not right, let's get it fixed up.

Although we have a proactive property maintenance program,
it is understandable that sometimes unforeseen things happen and repairs are required.

The fastest way to get things fixed is to provide the property owner
and tradesperson as much information as possible.

repairs & maintenance

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