Scott Mitchell

Client Success Manager


Scott Mitchell has been a property manager in the space of Long Term leasing where he mastered all the intricacies and laws to provide both tenants and owners mutual respect and solve problems. Over the last two years, he has been taking more of a leadership role to help pass on his knowledge and skill set. He has joined the team at Property Providers to continue this journey to build a well-rounded professional in the diverse field of not only long-term leasing but short-term executive stays.

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Get to know Scott!

Scott was born and bred in Sydney, Australia. Having grown up on the luscious Northern Beaches landscape, with all sorts of activities one could imagine, hiking, competitive mountain biking, and camping are amongst his favourites.

Personal Tagline – “Nothing easy is worth doing but something worth doing is never easy.” 

What is Scott’s Style? – “I have excellent attention to detail, but I do not get held up on the little things. I create situations where all parties involved feel as though they have gotten something out of the interaction.”

Hobbies – Anything outdoors, or that involves going fast!

5 Fun Facts

1. Who inspires you & why?
My Mother – she was born in a country that didn’t treat people of faith with any respect. Her entire family uprooted their lives and sought a better life in Australia.

2. Favourite Food?
A perfectly cooked steak!

3. Best band of all time?

4. One thing on my bucket list?
Start a non-profit for the homeless providing medical/psychological/housing needs as 54% of the homeless have some form of mental illness.

5. What animal I would be if reincarnated?

What People Say About Scott!

Don’s 6 Fav Properties

Barefoot Balmoral

Barefoot Balmoral is the merge of luxury living with beach-side simplicity.

Beach Paradise

A beautiful three bedroom property steps away from Balmoral beach.

Papillon Manly

Situated on West Esplanade in Manly and with it’s amazing views of Manly Harbour


This gregarious residence offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to live on Little Manly Beach

Fifth Avenue Manly

Positioned on Manly beachfront, this 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom, 2-parking apartment

Cyprian Casa Moore

This remarkable home exemplifies luxury and elegance crowned with panoramic views.

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