Policy: Interim Cleaning

We like to offer interim cleaning as a regular service to keep the property to the highest standard possible during your stay.  Please understand that this is an additional cost to your booking as it is provided by an external provider.


The interim clean is an additional service of the property carried out by a Professional Real Estate cleaning company, for long-stay bookings (13 nights or more) at the property. To keep things simple, we have standardized the costs for apartments to be $200 and for houses is $400. We reserve the right to charge additional fees and charges for an excessive amount of work that is required or requested at a rate of $44.00 per/hour plus GST which Is charged directly to the guest and will be deducted from your nominated credit card that has been used to confirm your booking.


If an interim clean is required, we require two working days’ notice to be able to roster this request. If the interim clean is cancelled by a guest, we require 48 hours notice to avoid a minimum 3-hour call out fee. If it is cancelled at the time which the cleaners arrive to start the job or on the same day as the cleaning is scheduled the total fee will be charged. If the property is not cleaned to an acceptable standard on your arrival, you should advise us within 5 hours of the job being finished.  If this is the case the issue will be resolved within 48 hours of being notified or as agreed.


Cleaning will be subject to availability.  We will endeavour to meet your needs by arranging a time when you are out of the property, however, we are unable to guarantee that the clean will be executed at the exact time and date requested (i.e. availability can be challenging during high peak demand times or when we have a number of back to back jobs on any given day).  Back to back jobs are when we have guests departing and arriving at the same property on the same day.  Please note that penalty rates (at 30% loading) will apply to jobs scheduled on Sunday’s or public holidays.  Please note that on dates that we are unable to attend to the property, the clean may be rescheduled to the next available working day.


We suggest scheduling the cleaning while no one is at home so that it can be executed quickly and effectively.  The cleaners have been through a thorough vetting and security process and can access the property and commence work with keys signed for by them. If the leaners arrive and nobody is at home, the cleaners will access the property themselves and commence work (i.e. It is assumed that by confirming the cleaning, you are providing us approval to enter the property and do the work.) 

Scope of Work:

Kindly put your personal belongings away in preparation for the cleaners and tidy up personal items, so the housekeepers can focus on cleaning vs tidying in their allocated time. If you are on the property, please feel free to point out areas that you would like focused on and the housekeepers will endeavour to address these things.  If you are not on the property, we suggest that you provide a list of areas of attention that you would like to be focused on.  Please note that an ordinary interim clean includes a standard clean of the property which will include vacuuming and mopping, surface clean of the bathrooms and kitchen as well as a change of fresh linen on the beds. Please note the standardized costs excludes excessive additional requests as well as cleaning of major appliances such as oven, extractor fan, BBQ’s and outdoor areas. Additional costs may apply should the cleaning be deemed “out of the norm”.


Doing the job right the first time is of critical importance to us. The quality of all jobs will be checked by a housekeeping supervisor.  As cleaning quality is subjective (i.e. everyone has different standards), you will be emailed fast feedback from after the job is completed. We ask that you complete this so that we for quality assurance, customer satisfaction and coaching purposes.  The

Fees and Charges:

Cleaning is supplied by an external company and if rates are adjusted these costs will be passed onto the guest. Standard costs for apartments are $200 and for houses is $400 which will be charged to your nominated card within 5 working days of the cleaning being scheduled or executed. Penalty rates may apply when cleaning is required on Sunday’s or public holidays at a standard loading of 1/3rd of the normal rate. Please note that all charges are subject to a 2% credit card processing fee.

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