Policy: Guest Meet & Greet

Company Position: 

Property Providers™ vision is to, “Help People Live Better” through being Sydney’s most flexible residential rental company.  This vision is driven by 3 core values: Passion, Performance and Partnership. This policy has been created in line with our guiding principal that all great long-term partnerships have a strong foundation of mutual respect, mutual reward, mutual investment and mutual risk.

Document Purpose: 

The purpose of this document is to clearly communicate Property Providers™’ Policy in relation to meeting and greeting guests at properties. This policy applies to both short-term owners and guests.


Property Providers™’ standard practice is for keys to be collected from our offices in Seaforth. This provides a better environment for the business to execute our processes (i.e. validating, ID, scanning keys out, confirming zero balance etc). Also having fulfilled thousands of short-term bookings, we have found that guests do not want to feel obliged to meet a staff member when they first arrive; they want privacy to settle and “nest” into their new environment, without an agent hovering around. 

Over 50% of our guests our international, so often they have come off a long-haul flight and heading straight to their property rental. Inevitably in these scenarios’ guests are simply exhausted and need time to adjust. In addition to this, many of our guests are in a transitional phase (i.e. divorce, insurance claim or corporate relocation) and are outside of their normal environment and headspace and tare therefore in stressful life situation, which is why, the best judgement sometimes is to provide some space on their arrival. 

Notwithstanding all the above, in some cases it is certainly appropriate to meet the guests face to face at the property. In these cases, considerations must be given to the endless scenarios that occur, including but not limited to: arrival anytime 24/7, flight delays, traffic and other unforeseen circumstances. In developing our Meet and Greet Policy, we feel that it important to provide a reasonable framework that balances fairness, commercial realities and manages expectations and while considering the bigger picture.

Policy Objectives:

  1. To deliver a premium guest experience and to be clear regarding under what circumstances a meet and greet will be available.
  2. To provide a clear “Meet and Greet” framework that balances agency, owner and guest expectations.
  3. To consider scarce resources, logistics and commercial realities.
  4. To support the company’s guiding principal that all long-term relationships have a foundation of mutual respect, mutual reward, mutual investment and mutual risk.

Agency Policy:

  • The staff member who is meeting the guest is simply there to welcome, provide keys and provide a high-level tour of the home. If guests require property management, instruction should be provided directly to the office by, emailing us or logging a maintenance request so that the appropriate qualified person may be engaged.
  • This policy is applicable automatically under the following circumstances when
    • A booking is worth over $30,000 total tariff.
    • The rate is greater than $2000 per night.
    • An owner gives a direct request for this service to occur and the guest has agreed in writing that they would like to be met at a property.
  • If your booking does not fall into the above categories, then a meet and greet service is not available for your booking.
  • If the above applies then a member of Property Providers™ staff will meet and greet guests, provided that they are arriving within:
    • Regular (Feb-Nov): Weekday’s 9:30 am – 4.30 pm
    • Peak (Dec/Jan): 7 days 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
    • Public Holidays: Not Available
  • If guests are arriving outside of working hours or on public holidays, a Meet and Greet is not possible however we will endeavour to try and find an alternative solution (i.e. moving arrival dates, keyless entry, meeting at property the following day).
  • A guest may nominate a delegate to attend a meet and greet if the booked guest has provided written direction/approval with their permission. The delegate will also be required to provide sufficient ID prior to access being granted to a property or the exchanging of keys/codes etc.
  • If we are meeting and greeting guests, an estimated arrival time (within an hour window) is required in writing at within 2 working days prior to arrival. The guest is also responsible for contacting Property Providers™ on the day with a more accurate arrival time (i.e. upon landing or clearing customs) to avoid our team being forced to wait for extended periods of time.  If the guest is unable to contact Property Providers™, then the meet and greet staff will show up for the hour window initially agreed. If the guests do not arrive within this hour window, the staff member may elect to leave and guests will be expected to collect keys from the office (as per normal arrival instructions), unless alternative key collection arrangements are made (i.e. lockbox). Please note that extra fees and charges may apply and deducted from the guests security deposit if staff members are forced to wait an unreasonable amount of time at the property or if the guest has not taken a direct route the property (i.e. stopped to buy groceries etc.)
  • Property Providers™ will open the property, provide a quick tour (and explain anything requiring particular care), share home guide and transfer ownership of keys. The ‘Meet and Greet’ should not take any more than 30 minutes.  Guests are expected to settle into the property in their own time, and if they have any queries or issues after their first evening at the property to email property management for this to be addressed. 
  • The “Meet and Greet” staff’s role is TO:
  1. Conduct the “Guest Experience Review”, our quality assurance process, prior to guest arrival
  2. Complete cleaning quality audit
  3. Welcome guests with a smile and general knowledge of the property, its immediate surroundings and local area knowledge.
  • The staff who is “Meet and Greetings” role is NOT TO:
  1. Facilitate any property management or deployment of trades
  2. Move luggage
  3. Conduct pool maintenance
  4. Shuttle guests or move cars
  5. Clean
  6. Provide concierge services
  7. Connect guests to the WIFI      
  8. Troubleshoot technical issues TV, WIFI/Internet, and home electronics
  • Property Providers™ will not tolerate abusive behaviour or language towards their staff. Our staff’s safety is paramount. If the meet and greet staff feel uncomfortable or unsafe at any time, they will exit the situation and escalate it to a senior member of staff. If a guest is demonstrating inappropriate or abusive behaviour, Property Providers™ has the right to terminate their stay immediately.


  • The circumstances of short-term rental guests’ arrivals are endless and not every individual circumstance can be accommodated for. In this regard, Property Providers™ feel that the framework of this ‘Meet & Greet’ Policy manages the majority of situations in a fair and balanced way.
  • The trend of consumers self-serving is increasing as technology provides convenience.  Our position is that all properties that we manage should have keyless entry which would allow guests to go straight to the property without any inconvenience and we will conduct our pre arrival processes over the phone and online.
  • A Face to Face interaction can be important and appropriate particularly when dealing with sophisticated property. 
  • The above policy provides for a healthy balance between premium service and staff rest and recovery. In this regard, we feel that the policy is respectful to owners, guests and staff alike.
  • We believe the above policy clearly sets the correct expectations for guests wanting to be met on site and for owners requesting this service on their behalf.

Effective Date:  This policy is effective February 1st, 2020.

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