Guilherme Lopes Souza

Multimedia Specialist


Guilherme believes continuous learning is the key to success as a highly motivated and proactive professional. With a background in journalism and a passion for education and culture, he has recently focused his career on marketing and IT within the holiday real estate industry. Known for his ability to adapt to new challenges and environments. 

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Growing up, Guilherme engaged in a variety of activities, both outdoors (hiking with his father or playing with friends on the streets of a small town) and in front of screens (good old times of the beginnings of the Internet and classic video game consoles). 

Nowadays, he spends his limited screen time watching neuroscience videos on YouTube to improve the quality of both his sleep and waking life. Guilherme also has a family-inherited passion for nature, photography, and music, and can often be found listening to the vinyl records he collects or playing the guitar. 

To keep his body active, he plays squash and practices yoga “almost regularly.” Despite being a night owl, Guilherme values starting his day early and making the most of it. He is a dedicated and ambitious individual with a passion for learning new things, always keen to know more about the brain, outer space, history, technology, and politics. 

5 Fun Facts

1. If I could have a superpower, it would be?
Time Travel!

2. Favourite Food?

3. What sports did you play as a kid? 
Football, Track & Field.

4. I’d most like to be remembered for?
Being curious, idealistic, non-conformist, seeker.

5. Best Book or Movie of all time?
Haruki Murakami and Henry Miller books; Ingmar Bergman movies, also Richard Linklater’s early films, and Wong Kar-wai’s…  

What People Say About G!

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