Policy: Guest Booking Cancellations


Company Position:

Property Providers™ vision is to, “Help People Live Better” through being Sydney’s most flexible residential rental company. This vision is driven by 3 core values; Passion, Performance and Profit. Importantly, we seek profit not through dollars and cents but through the pursuit of our guiding principal that all successful long-term partnerships have a foundation of mutual investment, respect, risk and commitment. We aim to create these virtues in all our relationships and touch points with long-term leasing tenants, short-term rental guests, employees, suppliers, partners and our property owner partners.


Document Purpose: 

The purpose of this document is to clearly communicate the company’s policy as it relates to Guest Booking Cancellations.


Policy Objectives:

  • To be clear, concise and consistent regarding Guest Booking Cancellations.

  • To minimise risks and costs (i.e. time, energy, money) to all parties involved any booking albeit the Agency, Property Owners nd Short-Term Rental Guests.

  • To resolve disputes as quickly, effectively and in a manner that is as reasonable and mutually equitable to all parties.


Agency Policy:

  • Cancellations must be notified in writing and monies paid will only be refunded if a new booking can be secured for the same time period of your original booking. 

  • If we can rebook the period cancelled for the same tariff then we will refund monies paid, less 25% for cancellation fee and credit card fees (if you paid by credit card). If we need to discount to rebook the period cancelled, then we will refund your deposit less the difference between the rates, the 25% cancellation fee and credit card fees (if you paid by credit card).

  • If a new booking cannot be secured, the monies paid will not be refunded. Any applicable funds due to be refunded will be considered and calculated at the departure date of the original booking in order to provide an accurate calculation. 

  • An early exit or departure is considered a cancellation of that particular period from the exit date to the end of the original booking date.  

  • Please refer to our most current and complete Guest Terms and Conditions



  • Our position is that we need and want to be fair and balanced to all parties engaged in the agreement.

  • The agreement is a commercial contract that is grants the guest a non-exclusive license to occupy the property. Guests therefore do not have the rights of a tenant as prescribed by the Property Land Stock and Agents Act which governs long-term leasing and tenancy.

  • Our Terms and Conditions are readily available on or website and are communicated at least 6 times throughout the booking process.

  • We hope that guests understands that when a property has been booked, it is no longer available to be recommended or rented to another party. This does not only apply on guest's post arrival at the property but rather from booking the property up to departure. This is a risk that we need to effectively and reasonably manage.  

  • Guest are given every opportunity to verbally ask about our guest cancellation policy prior to committing on booking the property.

  • Guest cancellations represent less than 2% of overall bookings therefore considered as minority of cases. 

  • We insist that guests pay at least the security deposit via credit card because it is very common for credit cards to offer their customers protection and travel insurance. Alternatively, if a guest had purchased a separate travel insurance, we recommend that the coverage should be verified from the insurance provider. Importantly, if a guest requires information to lodge a claim with their financial institution, we will cooperate to provide sufficient documentation for their claim.


Effective Date: This policy is effective 1st July 2016