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Ahw... Forms and first impressions.
Sometimes they are jut a fact of life, especially when you are applying for an executive or luxury rental.
It’s the roof over your head after all and if we were manageing your investment property, you would expect us to do this too, right? 

To make this as flexible as possible,
there are 3 ways you can submit your application...


What makes a good application?

The better your application, the better the chances of it being approved.

  • Correct
    (discrepancies create doubt)
  • Complete
    (make it hard to say no)
  • Digitally
    (paper is dead)
  • Financial
    (payslips, bank accounts, previous rental ledger)
  • Honest
    (straight shooters come out in front)
  • Social
    (provide your social media profiles, resume and/or bio)
  • Personal
    (we are all human!)
  • References
    (quality is better than quantity)
  • Reasonable
    (it's ok to negotiate but balance is key)

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Directly & Digitally

  • Electronic form.

  • Quick & Safe.

  • It's preferred.

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Industry Integrated

  • 1form.

  • Multiple applications.

  • Good.

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Old School Form

  • Paper.

  • Slower.

  • We would prefer not.

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