Property Exit Instructions

It is important that you follow these instructions when exiting to minimise security deposit deductions or delays.

  • Exit Time: Is 9:30 am unless otherwise agreed at least 48 hours in advance. Cleaners arrive at 10:00 am sharp and require an empty property to prepare for the next arrival.
  • Rubbish: Remove all rubbish and recycling from the property and put it in the allocated bins. If there is excess rubbish please notify us immediately via our Repairs and Maintenance site as this has the potential to create much larger problems and particularly neighbour complaints.
  • Linen: Please leave beds that have been used unmade and place all used towels in the bathtub or shower. Please do not wash as all our linen is professionally laundered. Note the exception: If you have used baby sheets/blankets please wash, them and store them away, folded in the linen cupboard (our launder uses stronger chemicals and it is best if they do not do baby items).
  • Dishes: Clean all dishes, pots and pans properly and return to cupboards. Empty the dishwasher of clean dishes and run the dishwasher when empty so that it is fresh for our next guests.
  • Appliances and BBQ: Clean the oven and pay particular attention to the BBQ. Our cleaners will not clean these as a part of their scheduled duties and attract a fee of $150 per appliance.
  • Electricity: Turn off all lights, air conditioning and heating.
  • Keys: Keys collected from the office are required to be returned to our office after your stay to avoid additional costs associated with having them picked up and delivered by our operations team. Note: When exiting it is your responsibility to ensure that the property is fully locked and secure. If you are leaving outside of our office hours, please contact us to organise alternative arrangements at least 48 hours before your exit.
  • Lockbox: If the property has an on-site lock-box, please leave keys as found – one inside the lock-box and one inside the property. Note: When leaving the property, it is your responsibility to ensure that both the lock box and property are completely secure.
  • Baby Equipment: Thoroughly clean the high chair and portable cot. Fold up and store neatly in the living room.
  • Leaving The Property: When you are leaving, please be cautious that moving your luggage does not damage the property. Be considerate; keep noise or disruption to neighbours to a minimum.
  • Accidental Damage: If anything has been broken or damaged please notify Property Providers via our Repairs and Maintenance page so we can properly manage the replacement or repair.
  • Maintenance & Repairs: If there are any repairs, or maintenance that require our attention, please provide the details via our Repairs and Maintenance page so that we can tend to this as soon as possible.
  • One last walk-through: Please take a moment to double or triple-check that nothing is left behind, as returning valuables may incur an additional cost and inconvenience to you.
  • Rule of Thumb: Please try to leave the property in the same condition (or better) than it was when you arrived.
  • Have a Safe Trip: We hope that you have had a delightful stay and we welcome any feedback to help improve the quality of our service to future guests.