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We warmly welcome enquiries from property owners and investors. There is currently a huge demand for quality furnished properties in Sydney. The properties that we manage enjoy a cumulative occupancy rate of over 85%. Contrary to common perception the minority of our customers are holiday makers. In fact, the majority of short-term tenants are corporate relocation clients and locals who are renovating.

Existing Property Owners

If you already have an investment property or are considering moving you would are confident that you would be pleasantly surprised the return on investment that can (and is being) achieved. So before you sell or adopt the “status quo” it is worth your time to contact us

Property Investors

If you are considering investing in property, we can provide valuable insight before or after you buy. Please take a few moments to harness our expertise and knowledge regarding the advantages and potential pitfalls regarding adopting a short-term approach. Every property is different and should be carefully analyzed to best understand what is the most appropriate strategy

Ask us about

  • Our 10 point risk management strategy
  • How to create a win-win solution or how you can enjoy your home when visiting while still being able to earn an income while you are out of town.
  • Recent immigration statistics and our relationships with international relocation agents
  • Testimonials from our owners/clients
  • Pro’s and Con’s of adopting a short term rental strategy.
  • The executive clientele and the highly recognized and respected organizations we have worked with
  • Our unique marketing approach (it really is a different way!)

To ask or to learn more please contact us either by phone on +612 9969 7599 or submit an enquiry below and we will get back to you soon.

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State:New South Wales
Phone:+61 2 9969 7599

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