Proactive Property
Maintenance Plan

Small improvements are the key to staggering long-term results.

Simply put, happy tenants are more profitable. Happy tenants pay more rent, stay longer and often take better care of your property.

A little bit of proactive maintenance can avoid big unexpected problems. It also makes a huge difference in a relationship between an owner and a tenant. Everyone knows that it is far better to be on the front foot. This is why we recommend adopting a proactive property maintenance approach.

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Well maintained properties achieve better results. It just makes sense.

Every month we select a particular focus. We secure better deals based on volume of work from our trade partners. We then pass this savings onto you. 
Some of these initiatives include:


  • Gutter Cleaning.

  • Landscaping.

  • Exterior Washing.

  • Handyman Fixes.

Maintenance; when done timely, helps you save money.


  • Smoke Alarms.

  • Locksmiths / Keyless.

  • AC Service.

  • Mould Removal.

Take pre-emptive measures before it’s too late.


  • Pest Control.

  • Carpet Cleaning.

  • Window Cleaning.

  • Styling Refresh.

Superior experience turns tenants into loyal customers.


  • Insurance.

  • Depreciation.

  • Refinancing.

Maximise tax return claiming deduction for expenses related to repairs and maintenance.

I am interested... What's Next?

Be proactive and engage with our maintenance plan now.We'll go out to the market and direct to our trades to source you the best deals we can as property managers.

What's on in the next months:

  • Pest Control & Mould Check/Removal

    September 2020.

  • Exterior Pressure Wash

    October 2020.

  • Window Clean & Smoke Alarm/Electrical
    November 2020.
  • Seasonal Landscaping
    February 2021.
  • Window Clean
    February 2021.
  • Styling/Refresh
    March 2021.
  • Insurance, Refinancing & Depreciation Schedule
    April 2021.
  • Handyman Fixes
    May 2021.
  • Gutter Clean & AC Service
    June 2021.

Good property presentation & upkeep are crucial. It helps maintaining your investment property and ensures tenants and guests have the best possible experience.

What's in it for you as a landlord?

  • Less disruptive & costly.
    Fix minor issues to prevent big ones.
  • Take advantage of off-peak rates.
    Greater value for money by working when trades are slow.
  • Harness the benefits of volume.
    Bulk maintenance across the portfolio delivers cost efficiencies.
  • Relationships superseed transactions.
    A good relationship with your tenant delivers better financial results.
  • Maintenance Is Investment.
    Sustain & increase the value of your property.
  • Repairs often cost less than vacancy.
    Happy tenants, happy owners, longer tenancy.
  • Less stress.
    Proactive maintenance provides more certainty.

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