Owner Availability & Cancellation Policy

To deliver a high quality service, we require accurate availability for all properties we manage. If owners are unable to fulfil requests for bookings during agreed times and/or have changes to the Property’s availability the impact is significant. Changes and cancellations are extremely disruptive and require considerable resources to effectively manage which result in costs (i.e. merchant costs, additional labour, brand damage etc).

To avoid unnecessary conflict and confusion, the following policy applies so that Property Providers and Guests are adequately and fairly protected if Owners refuse or cancel bookings.

Owner Availability Policy and Booking Process:

  1. Calendar Availability:
    You must advise the Property’s availability in writing at least 180 days in advance. These dates must be accurate and reliable as Our sales team will make reservations on any property which is shown as available in Our system. You must advise Us, in writing, of any changes to this availability or by updating the availability through the owner’s login to Our website.
  2. Pending Bookings:
    Once We have successfully negotiated an agreement on rates and dates with a Guest, You will be automatically sent an email entitled "Owner Booking Notification" where the status of this booking will be "Pending". It is Your responsibility to advise Us and confirm or decline this booking within 24 hours. If We do not receive a written response within 24 hours, Our team will assume that the booking has been accepted by You and will process the Guest’s deposit. Deposits are normally paid within 48 hours of the reservation which is when You received the pending notification. If You decline the booking within 24 hours, We will manage any issues prior to the funds being exchanged.
  3. Confirmed Bookings:
    Once We have processed a payment, the owner will receive a second “owner Booking Notification: with the status of "Confirmed". This is for Your reference only. You can also login to Our website to view the details relevant to this confirm booking (e.g. gross rate, Guest name, dates booked and special requests).
  4. Cancelled Bookings:
    When the booking is cancelled, You will be automatically sent an email entitled "Owner Booking Notification" where the status of this booking will be "Cancelled". Where a Guest cancels a bookings after funds have been paid, You may be entitled to some payment, the applicable amount is reviewed on a case by case basis and We will endeavour to act in Your best fiduciary interest as the Owner. Where You cancel a booking after the booking is confirmed and money is exchanged (whether You responded to a booking notification or not), please refer to the Owner Cancellation Policy below.

Owner Cancellation Policy

If You cancel a confirmed booking, a percentage of Our commission and associated cancellation fees will be charged outlined in the table below

Owner cancellation reasons Updated 01.09.15
Effective from all bookings taken from this date.
Agent Commission % charged to Owner
Days to Booking Arrival Date
< 90 days 91-180 days 181 days+
Owner refuses a confirmed booking:
Owner has advised the Property is available in writing (up to 180 days in advance), does not respond to a "Pending" booking request within 24 hours and subsequently cancels this "Confirmed" booking.
100% 66% 33%
Owner confirms booking, and then cancels it:
Owner has advised the Property is available in writing, accepts a "Pending" booking and subsequently cancels this "Confirmed" booking.
100% 66% 33%
Cancellation fees Merchant fee:
2% of total gross booking value + security deposit as a result of us having to refund the customer (2.5% for Amex).

Reseller fee:
charged as per reseller invoice (where applicable) Booking fee: $100 that needs to be refunded to the customer.
Alterations to a property availability, acceptance of reservations, cancelation of bookings and complaints must be made in writing. We will endeavour to settle any problems by mutual agreement within 48 hours or as agreed. Variations to this policy may be made but must be agreed by both parties for a cancellation or refusal to fulfil a booking prior to one being made.