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Local Area Orientation (Guide)

Irrespective if your new to the area or if you are coming back for a visit; live like you’re a local. In a couple short hours you can get, “in the know”. Learn about who makes the best coffee, the newest restaurants, where to find epic bushwalks, spectacular snorkelling spots as well as all the other little local secrets that will maximise your stay. Avoid wasting time, “figuring it out,” by investing sometime with one of our local experts you will gain the knowledge that normally takes months to discover yourself.

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It’s always a long flight to Australia so most people really want to end up having an experience of a lifetime. No matter what time of year, there is always something, “happening” in Sydney but the trick is to know about it. Get your fix of Adrenalin, Music, Entertainment, Food, Cultural Festivals or whatever else you are interested in. Please do contact our concierge team to help you set it up

Mosmon Accommodation activites



Our team has the pulse of Sydney and know the latest and most reputable restaurants. So irrespective if want a special intimate fine dining experience on the harbor or somewhere super cool to hang out with some friend,s let our team sort it out for you.

Mosmon Accommodation dining


Car Hire

If you decide to rent a vehicle during your visit, your Personal Concierge can tell you whether it is advisable in your destination. Sometimes you can have a better time riding the ferry or taking a taxi. If a car is right for you, we will recommend one of our preferred suppliers and make the booking for you. Our established contacts know our homes and may deliver your car straight to your property, so you can settle in without the hassle.

Mosmon Accommodation rental car hire


Meet and Greet

Let our team arrange a seamless arrival for you or your loved ones by coordinating, in advance, your entire party's flight details with our on-site greeters. The arrival process at every destination is different, but always stress-free with the procedures provided to you before you leave. All guests are shown the home ins and outs, given important contact numbers and local information by our local partners.

Mosmon Accommodation meet and greet


Airport Transfer

After a long flight the last thing that anyone wants to do is flag a typical hot and stinky cab. Our team will be more than happy to organise one of our executive airport limousines so that the last part of your very long journey is as comfortable and effortless as possible.

Mosmon Accommodation airport transfer


Photo Shoot

Our team of photographers start by building a creative environment that results in stunning portraits the family will cherish for decades. Your experience with our team will be fun, relaxed, personal and unique. Your portraits will be beautiful, timeless, and best of all totally guaranteed to please.

Mosmon Accommodation professional photography


Personal Training

Since you will almost certainly be enjoying the beach during your visit allow us to help you feel great by setting up sometime with one of our personal trainers . Regardless of your age or physical fitness we can help you in a way that works best for you; be it at the gym, outdoor boot camps, yoga or cross training. You can go alone or join one of a range of group work outs. Its a great way to meet new friends and enjoy the community.

Mosmon Accommodation personal trainer



There are plenty of tour outfits that explore the inner city as well as the outskirts of Sydney however over the years we identified the best operators. Time is precious, especially your free time, so please do allow us to help augment your journey to Australia by scheduling a memorable experience with one of our premium partners. Whatever your interest we can help.

Mosmon Accommodation tours


Spa and Beauty

Go deserve it. We know all the best places for you to be pampered and beautified. If you want we can even organise private massage and spa services to be sent right to the property you are staying in. Our Personal Concierge will coordinate with our local contacts to offer custom, relaxing treatments according to your exact needs. Private yoga instruction is another guest favourite. Whatever it is don’t be afraid to ask.

Mosmon Accommodation spa and pamper


Event Management

We love to help people get together and celebrate. Over the years we have found that for many of our guests, the purpose of coming to Australia is to attend or host a wedding, anniversary, birthday or a range of other occasions. We have experienced event planners on our team so we can certainly help take the stress out of hosting a fabulous event (for work or play!)

Mosmon Accommodation event management


Corporate Relocation

Let’s face it, moving across the city is stressful enough let alone moving to the other side of the globe. We have long-term relationships with a number of very talented (and connected) corporate relocation agents who’s job it is to be dedicated to making your move as painless as possible. Most companies today aspire to be an “Employer of Choice” and chances are they have a policy and budget in place to make your move easy so that you can focus on what they want; being as productive as you can as quickly as possible. By taking a moment to reach out to us we are very confident that you and your employer will quickly see the value we can provide at a relatively minimal cost.

Mosmon Accommodation corporate relocation