Guest Booking Cancellation Policy


Property Providers™ encourages people to carefully consider the following booking cancellation policy when confiming and paying for accommodation. We hope you can understand that when a property has been booked, it is unable to be recommended or rented to another party which is a risk that we need manage.

The below cancellation policy has been is provided to all guests a number of times throughout the booking process (i.e. in the automated emails that you are sent). In addition to this, it is readily available within our terms and conditions which is on our website


Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations must be notified in writing and monies paid will only be refunded if a new booking can be secured for the same time period of your  original booking.
  • If we can rebook the period cancelled for the same tariff then we will refund monies paid, less a 25% cancellation fee and credit card fees (if you paid by credit card).
  • If we need to discount to re-book the period cancelled, then we will refund your deposit less the difference between the rates and a 25% cancellation fee and credit card fees (if you paid by credit card).
  • If a new booking cannot be secured, the monies paid will not be refunded. Any applicable funds due to be refunded will be considered and calculated at the departure date of the original booking in order to provide an accurate calculation.
  • Please note the deposit is non refundable for canceled bookings


With that said, we sincerely attempt to deliver the best customer experience possible as possible. As such, guests who are forced to cancel can be confident that we will be as proactive as possible in sourcing an alternative guest in order for you to receive the maximum reimbursement the more notice our team has of any cancellations the higher the probability of us sourcing a new guest to fill your dates

Travel Insurance: As you would have paid the minimum of the security deposit on your credit card, we recommend that you check with your financial institution as your card may provide you with travel insurance. Alternatively, if you have purchased separate travel insurance we recommend that you verify your coverage with your insurer. Importantly, if you require any information to lodge a claim with your financial institution please contact us and we will attempt to provide sufficient documentation to assist you with your claim.